This program has become popular with my shooting buddies, not because of its
complexity, but because of its simplicity.

It is a DOS based program (but is compatible with Windows 95/98, ME, XP, etc.) that calculates
muzzle energy with several options. Below is the opening screen describing these


   Muzzle Energy Plus  Version 1.4
   Copyright 1999, 2000, 2003 by W.D. Roser

   Welcome to MePlus, a ballistic program to calculate the
   energy of projectiles in motion.
   Option 1 will allow you to input the bullet weight and
   muzzle velocity to calculate the energy and display
   the results on the screen. You may also print a hard
   copy if desired.
   Option 2 will print, on the screen, an energy table of a
  specific bullet weight over a range of velocities input
   by the user.
   Option 3 does the same thing as option 2, but prints the
   data to an attached printer rather than the screen.
   Option 4 exits the program.
   Please input desired option (1, 2, 3, or 4)


The first option is handy for quickly getting the m.e. of a bullet at a specific
velocity. It is also good for comparing the energy of several different bullet
weights at similar velocities. The hard copy option is convenient if you want to view
more data than can be seen on a single screen or if you want to review your data

The second option is useful for displaying a short table on the screen showing how
increasing velocity, in 25 fps increments, will change the energy.

Option three creates a table for a longer string of velocities (700 fps to 1500 fps,
for example), again in 25 fps increments, and sends the output to an attached

This program is not fancy, does not have a lot of "bells & whistles", and does not
give a lot information that you weren't looking for anyway. It is not intended to be
complete "ballistics" program, but a simple muzzle energy calculator.

Please note that it will only print to a printer that is set up as "lpt1".  It will not print if your printer is on a USB port.

I am currently working on a Windows version of this software and will send it out to anyone who has the DOS version when it becomes a available

Upon receipt of your e-mail address I will e-mail the software to you free of charge.


Bill Roser

188 Country Acres Drive

Adkins, Texas  78101


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