Accurate Arms

Nitro 100

A fast burning, double base flake propellant. Developed for 1 and 1-1/8 ounces of shot in 12 gauge for trap, skeet, and light field loads. It is excellent in low pressure revolver cartridges, and is especially well suited for the .45 Colt. Clean burning in all applications. It is also relatively temperature insensitive.

No. 2

A fast burning, low density, double base, ball propellant developed for use in .38 Special target loads. It is excellent for target loads in almost all handgun cartridges, especially where low pressure and clean burning are desirable. Its low charge weights help the handloader stretch his shooting dollar.

No. 5

A relatively fast burning double base, ball propellant developed for use in the .45 ACP that is somewhat slower than Unique. It is used in more handgun cartridges than any of Accurate Arms  other handgun propellants. This is one of their most popular propellants.

No. 7

A double base, ball propellant originally developed for 9mm NATO carbine ammunition. It has become a favorite propellant for IPSC shooters who shoot the .38 Super Auto. Somewhat more specialized in applications than No. 2 or No. 5, it is well suited to high intensity cartridges. The popularity of No. 7 has increased dramatically since its introduction in 1983. It is a good choice for magnum handgun cartridges (such as .357, .41, and .44 Magnum) when slightly less than full power loads are preferred.

No. 9

This is Accurates slowest handgun propellant, and is the best .44 Magnum powder available. This double base, ball propellant gives excellent velocities for the pressures generated, and with less flash than comparable powders. It is intended for use in large capacity handgun cartridges (.357, .41, .44 Magnum, and .454 Casull). It is also suited to some small rifle cases (.25-20 Winchester, .30 M1 Carbine) and the .410 shotgun. No. 9 performs best with heavier bullets in most cartridges. A heavy bullet pull is required for consistent performance when using lighter bullets.


A double base, ball propellant developed specifically for the 7.62x39 cartridge in which it performs well due to its excellent loading density. It is the best powder for the .22 Hornet. Also suitable for small capacity cases such as the T/CU series, the .222 Remington and the .223 Remington with lighter bullets.


A single base, small-grained, extruded propellant developed specifically for "bench rest cartridges," such as the PPC and BR series. This powder was tested at the Bench Rest Nationals in 1990 and subsequently adopted by shooters such as Ferris Pindall and Sal Ventimiglia. It is extremely flexible, giving excellent performance in many cartridges from .22 Hornet to .458 Winchester Magnum.

2230 (Formerly MR-223)

One of Accurates most popular rifle propellants. A double base, ball propellant developed for use in the .223 Remington (5.56 NATO). It is very popular with those shooters who load large quantities of .223 Remington ammo.


This medium-burning ball propellant is increasing in popularity with NRA, IHMSA, and bench rest shooters. Useful in a wide variety of cartridges. It is slightly slower than 2230 and shows a small pressure advantage over 2230 in bores 7mm and over. An excellent choice in .308 Winchester, 2460 is appropriate for use with M1 and M14 (M1A) service rifles. Some high power shooters are using it with 180 brain bullets for 1,000 yard matches.


Very similar to 4895, this single base, extruded propellant gives satisfactory performance in a wide variety of cartridges. It offers service rifle shooters who prefer extruded propellants an Accurate alternative to our 2520. This is absolutely our best propellant for shooting cast bullets in the .45-70 Govt.


Destined to be one of the most popular rifle propellants of all time. This medium-slow burning double base ball propellant gives excellent results in medium capacity cases (.308 class) and certain applications in large bore cartridges. This powder was in the winner's circle in NRA High Power competition before it had been the market two years! 2520 is first choice for target shooters using 168 grain bullets in the .308 Winchester. It has a pressure curve appropriate for use with M1 and M14 (M1A) service rifles. In fact, some shooters now call it the "Camp Perry" powder.


Accurates newest ball rifle, it fills the gap between 2520 and 4350. It is intended to be used as a heavy bullet powder in many cartridges (bullet weights lighter than those listed may not maintain our standards for shot-to-shot consistency). Exceptions to this are notably the .17 Remington, .22-250 Remington and the .220 Swift with varmint bullets, where it excels.


The old favorite. America's most popular reloading propellant for rifle cartridges, a single base, extruded propellant equal in all respects to IMR 4350. With its consistent performance and attractive pricing, it will become one of our best sellers.


A single base extruded propellant that serves well from the .243 Winchester to the big magnums, particularly the 7mm Remington Magnum. It has proven to be a cost effective replacement for IMR 4831 and H4831. This the powder used by Earl Liebatrau to win the Camp Perry Wimbledon match in 1988 and 1990. Available from Accurate since 1977.


The slowest powder available to reloaders. This slow-burning double base, ball propellant is best suited to the magnum rifle case as the .264 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, .257 Weatherby Magnum, .270 Weather Magnum, and the .300 Weatherby Magnum. It may also be used in cartridges such as the .25-06 Remington and .270 Winchester (velocity and pressure will be reduced from normal, but accuracy is outstanding). Interestingly it performs well in a large variety of cartridges for cast bullet loads. Use of a magnum primer is recommended for best results.


Alliant (Formerly Hercules)


A high energy, quick burning powder, perhaps the most widely used pistol powder available. It is capable of excellent accuracy in a wide range of pistol cartridges.

Red Dot

A shotshell powder that is very useful for handgun and rifle loads.

 Green Dot

Basically designed as a 12 gauge shotgun powder, it is useful for a wide range of handgun and rifle loads.


An all around double base powder appealing to handgun and rifle shooters. This powder is very effective for reduced cast bullet rifle loads.


A slow burning, course grain, double base powder that is effective in some handgun and rifle loads.

Blue Dot

Designed for magnum waterfowl shotshells, it is used in some handgun loads with varying degrees of success.


A fine grain, double base powder useful in heavy handgun loads and some rifle cartridges.

Reloader 7

Slowest burning of the Alliant canister powders, this double base propellant has some handgun uses. It is becoming increasingly popular with cast bullet rifle shooters.




A fast burning powder for most handgun reloading requirements, particularly .38 Special loads.

Trap 100

A fast burning spherical  type double base powder. It is excellent for target loads in handguns.


A spherical double base slow burning powder.


A spherical double base slow burning powder.


The slowest burning of the Hodgdon spherical double base powders. Gives uniform ballistics.


A spherical type powder adaptable to heavy pistol loads and .30 Carbine.


Fastest burning of the rifle powders, the propellant is well suited to the Hornet and lighter bullets in .222 Remington.


This propellant is particularly useful in small and medium capacity cartridges and also large, straight walled cases such as the .444 Marlin and .45-70 Government.


This powder performs best in small to medium capacity cases and has proven to be an optimum powder for benchrest shooters in .22 and .308 cartridges. 


This spherical type powder is popular with a large number of handgun shooters and performs well in the .222 Remington.


A spherical powder adaptable to a number of cartridges from small to medium case capacities. Has exhibited good performance with cast bullets in .30-.30 Winchester bolt action rifles.


An extremely versatile powder in almost all rifle cases from .222 Remington to .458 Winchester.


This spherical propellant would appear between IMR 4320 and IMR 4350 in a burning rate chart and is a good choice for the .22/250 and .220 Swift as well as the larger calibers.


Another of the spherical powders, this propellant is useful in medium to large calibers; particularly with lighter bullets.


A spherical powder used for medium and large calibers, it is well suited for maximum loads.


One of the most popular of all propellants, the manufacturer states that one may use the same loading data as listed for the original 4831 surplus powder. This is an excellent powder for the larger calibers including the magnums.


Slowest burning of the Hodgdon powders, this spherical propellant is only useful in the large, magnum rifle cartridges with heavy bullets.


IMR (Formerly Du Pont)


A clean-burning, double-base powder, this propellant is useful for a wide range of handgun and rifle cartridges.


Originally developed as a universal shotshell powder, it has a wide range of applications as a handgun and rifle propellant.

SR 7625

A Versatile single base powder which lends itself to a wide range of loading applications and is suitable for a variety of handgun and rifle cartridges.

SR 4756

Basically a magnum shotshell powder with limited application in heavy handgun and rifle loads.

SR 4759

Basically a rifle powder with limited handgun applications. Probably the most useful propellant for cast bullets, because of its remarkable stability with reduced loads.

IMR 4227

The fastest burning powder of the IMR series, this is a versatile powder suitable for heavy handgun loads and many rifle loads.

IMR 4198

A single base, fast burning powder useful for a variety of handgun and rifle loads. Second fastest burning of the IMR series.

IMR 3031

This single base powder, normally recommended by the manufacturer for medium capacity cartridges, is very versatile and performs well with cast bullets in large, straight cases such as 45-70.

IMR 4895

Primarily a rifle powder of comparatively fine grain, this single base powder is very versatile and provides good ballistic uniformity.

IMR 4064

A single base powder for medium to large capacity cases, this propellant is useful when high velocities are desired with cast bullets.

IMR 4320

A relatively slow burning, single base powder for heavy bullets in medium to large capacity cases.

IMR 4350

A slow burning propellant useful with cast when high loading density in large cases is desired.

IMR 4831

Slowest burning of the IMR powders, this propellant performs best in large capacity cases such as the 7mm and 8mm Remington Magnum cartridges.




A very fast high energy pistol powder designed for target and standard velocity loads in handguns.


This is the factory powder used in .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum loads. The manufacturer cautions against using reduced loads with this powder. A reduction in powder charge from listed weights can cause dangerous pressures.


A very fast rifle powder designed specifically for small cases like the .30 Carbine and .22 Hornet.


Basically a rifle powder that has proven to be well suited for cast bullets.


A rifle powder covering a broad range of applications where a higher loading density with cast bullets may be desirable.


A slow burning rifle powder particularly suited to the .243 Winchester cartridge. Also useful for medium and large capacity cases and a number of belted magnum cases.


Black Powder/Pyrodex Usage Chart


Commonly called “Four F”, this is the finest granulation and is used for priming flintlocks. Due to its rather limited use, it is usually somewhat difficult to obtain. When necessary, FFFG may substituted. There is no Pyrodex equivalent.

FFFG/Pyrodex “P”

Commonly called “Triple F”, this powder is used in most single shot pistols and all percussion revolvers. It is also popular for all smaller caliber rifles up to and including 50 caliber. When FFFFG is not available, FFFG may be used to prime a flintlock.

FFG/Pyrodex “R&S”

Commonly called “Double F”, this is a popular powder for rifles over 50 caliber and up to 75 caliber. Also used in the larger caliber single shot pistols and most shotguns.

FG/Pyrodex “Ctg”

Commonly called “Single F”, this is the coarsest granulation used for small arms. Use is pretty much restricted to rifles over 75 caliber and large bore shotguns.


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